Waste Transfer Center (CTR).

Continuing with our environmental concern, we direct a large part of our efforts to manage, treat, recycle and remove hazardous or polluting residues resulting from industrial activity. Of course, for any other type of waste that you want to remove or recycle, you can count on us. We are at your disposal for what you may need. His interest in the environment is ours.

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Hazardous Waste.

Envases contaminados

Contaminated packaging.

Collection and management of contaminated packaging.

Aguas contaminadas

Contaminated water.

Withdrawal of contaminated water.



Removal of solvents and contaminated products.

Sólidos contaminados

Contaminated solids.

Collection and management of contaminated solids, sludge, land, etc.

Non-hazardous waste.

Papel y cartón

Paper and cardboard.

Collection of paper and cardboard.



Garbage collection.

Residuos orgánicos

Organic waste.

Withdrawal of organic waste.

Residuos plásticos

Plastic waste.

Removal of plastic waste.

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We remain at your disposal to provide you with any information you may need, to clarify any doubts or to propose any project in which we can work together. If your concern is the environmental integration of the waste treatment, we will be happy to receive your call, your visit or your mail and offer you our services. We wait for you.